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Our Story

GV SHOP FIT, we know that creating the right environment is essential. For over 20 years, our teams of expert designers and craftsmen also buy direct from industry manufactory without intermediaries and we import also we delivered complete shop fitting including Ice Cream Shop, GELATERIA, Pizzeria,BAR, supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion stores, etc, throughout  the world. GV SHOPFIT that’s why we are much more competitive prices!!! Gv Shop fit  brings unrivalled experience, innovative design skill, and a fully managed, fully integrated approach. We’re ready to bring your retail vision to life…. We welcome your business, and are looking forward to providing you a professional experience!

Our Client Testimonials

Yes, got everything and I have already installed two of them. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!

Best, Joey


Owner, CaffeCalabria

Fantastic  opportunities to collaborate with your organization, thank you Devish


Owner , TFSE LTD

I m very happy to cooperate with your equipe of experts, high level I will recommend it. regards Dusan K.


Owner, Hoteltec

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