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Ice Cream push Cart is the most versatile sales allowing you to bring your store publicity to reach your customers everywhere, from big cities to the shops , shopping centers , catering halls , events

carretto gelato



The “Ice Cream push cart” is a special bench to wells evoking the tradition of an ancient time, but with an innovative technology and a covered design ornamental patent. Refrigeration to Induction allows excellent preservation ice cream, having no need neither ventilation nor Defrosting; consequently it does not undergo sudden changes temperature and allows to leave the ice cream in the wells for a long time. The “Ice Cream” It maintains an optimum temperature of the ice cream Also outside the premises; air currents and rays Solar does not interfere with the performance to the patented refrigeration system that allows a faster recovery of the cold and homogeneity temperature. Even in the temporary absence of Electricity is used for storing ice cream for a long time. Its innovative design and Promotional even more encourages the sale of ice cream in small spaces. The “Ice Cream push cart” come with is an 6+6 wells with spare bank, stainless steel, which contains 12 tubs of 7.5 liters – H 25 cm. The “Ice cream push cart 4” is a bench to 4 wells with reserves, everything stainless steel, which It contains 8 liter tubs 7.5 – H 25 cm. Both have engine tropical conditions on R404a, powered at 220V / 60Hz 230V / 50Hz. The “Ice cream push cart” has a temperature system differentiable (optional) depending temperature required for slush and ice cream and for a correct balance of temperatures between bases creams and fruit. Comfortable to handle, thanks to the pivoting wheels, It can be placed in a garden, on a beach, within a shopping center, at the edge of a swimming pool, in a hotel, resort, restaurant, mall, in the waiting room of a airport and where your imagination can find him daily accommodation….







 Capacity 6+6 Carapine (5Kg Cad.) Ice cream capacity 60 Kg, Glycol refrigeration system  Room temperature 35°_ Operating temperature -10 ° / -18 ° Weight 250 Kg Polyurethane insulation injected without HCFC/CF Steel structure with zinc coated panels painted  for outdoor – Telescopic canopy stainless steel LED Lighting Stainless steel worktop- scoop washing sink with tank Hermetic compressor with internal motor protector Electronic temperature control_ Copper evaporator Power supply 240V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz Input Power 450 W_ Cold autonomy 6/7 hours

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This Carretto Gelati has the Fridge 6 flavor (6 tubs) with glycol system. And ‘the Fridge concept that professionals prefer for the Gelateria. This solution allows a high autonomy and a very uniform cooling, even without the need for power to 220v for many hours. Banco Fridge with glycol liquid has a compressor that operates at 220V 50 Hz / 115V 60hz and cools the liquid while the tricycle is parked in front of the Gelateria. Once brought to the operating temperature maintains it for many hours (6/8 hour) even when it is disconnected from current. This solution with Fridge in glycol has the advantage of being very professional, even if the tricycle is a bit ‘heavier than one with Fridge in cockpit Ventilated (All the dealer has a weight of about 380 kg fully loaded). For those who want to do the traveling sale, will be useful to take into account a tricycle not glycol, but batteries, which is much lighter and easy to handle[/box] Ice Cream Byke offer include : Curved roof with awning / Arquato ( CHOOSE The color ) Sink with pump and Electric 2 cans for Pure Water and Wastewater Reuse Graphic customization ARE EXCLUDED tubs , which are coming to consider optional The Tricycle IS Furnished Semi – Mounted ( divided Front From Bike Rear ) and packed on pallets 120 x 120